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*Nsfw* *Florida N8tve*

Have you ever been to Heaven at night?-Kid Cudi
Where we sit, and we breath. cause
I know all the words and I sing you everything.-Lydia
I've seen the best and worst of you But we're sticking through.-Four Year Strong

This is a compilation of things I Love.


Wooooooo (at Danny Knight’s Cast Iron Tattoo’s)

Sometimes I like to come up here and think. #jadensmitheyebrows

Shit gets weird at work sometimes πŸ‘¬ #bromance #brosiden #kingofthebrocean #foreverlove @lancewhite_cit

Day 1 of #destiny πŸ˜€ #ps3


Today is Blue day.

Lol good morning ! I’ll be at the shop till 6 today! So swing on by!! #orlandopiercing #castirontattos #floridapiercings (at Danny Knight’s Cast Iron Tattoo’s)

Reblog if you wanna fuck the shit out of someone right now

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Who is that fine mothafucka right there?

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It’s time for you to sleep, too.

Stop… You can’t! If you keep using this power, what will happen to you?

Rock. Paper.


Such a good episode!!!
When I read the manga I could wait for them to put this in the show 😍😍😍😍

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You are very cute. What part of Florida are you from? You do tattoos too or just piercings? I want to get a micro tat soon.

Orlando :) and yeah I just pierce ! But we have 4 artist who def can give you what you want :)

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Got my hobo beard trimmed. Feel a lot better πŸ™ŒπŸ˜ƒ



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Pierce all the nostrils!! #nostril #piercing #castironpiercings #castirontattos #florida #floridapiercings #orlandopiercing #orlando (at Danny Knight’s Cast Iron Tattoo’s)


Slow sundays means Ray Ray gets a new tattoo :D

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